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Service Catalog

Technology Solutions published its first Service Catalog. The Service Catalog provides a view of all IT service we offer. You can use it to fulfill your requests for IT services. It lists the IT service offerings that are available to order. In it we describe each service and how we deliver it. We also define the levels of services we deliver and the value you can expect from them. It is a living and active document that will help us regularly measure the service quality, value, and alignment of our services with meeting or exceeding your expectations.

You can find our Service Catalog here. Use it as a guide to make requests for IT services. Our Service Managers will assist you with any questions that you may have. They will support the delivery of your requested service throughout the entire process and ensure that the services we deliver delight you.

EMS Upgrade

Since Berkeley Haas's initial EMS (Event Management System) implementation in 2008, we've steadily pushed the parameters -- and recently outgrown the limitations of that release version. Now with the quickly-approaching addition of our NAB North Academic Building, and the need to manage our space ever more efficiently, we engaged EMS engineers for answers.

In an effort to address these space constraints directly, we've updated our school's version of EMS to the latest version (version 44.1). With a refreshed user interface, the new system was designed to improve the User Experience and increase worker productivity so that you can work more on your tasks while not having to fumble with technology much to reserve space and services.

Check it our for yourself and get familiar with the new interface at

New Computers in the Computing Center (Windows 10)

Technology Solutions has purchased new computers for the Main Computing Center, and is now offering Windows 10. The computers are equipped with fast processors and the latest Microsoft Productivity Suite Applications. If you'd like advice on using Windows 10 in the Haas Computing Center in the classroom, schedule a consultation with us by emailing

A New Video Library & Lecture Capture Tool at Haas!

This month, Technology Solutions will be launching a new video content management and lecture capture tool called Panopto that enables us to easily record lectures and make them available on-demand to our students. Panopto can also be used to live stream distance education courses, to record flipped classroom videos, and to record student assignments.

Panopto is replacing the Mediacore “Media Library” that was in use in previous semesters. Compared to its predecessor, Panopto has a variety of new features including:

  • Advanced Search
    • Search within a video for spoken words
    • Search across all videos you have access to for words, phrases, descriptions
  • Time Stamped Notes
    • Students can add notes to any video as they watch it. The notes will be time stamped and serve as bookmarks.
  • Screen Capture Software
    • Panopto allows all faculty and GSIs to capture their screen and webcam
    • Videos are automatically uploaded to the bCourses page or saved in a personal folder

Where can I find Panopto?

    Panopto is accessible inside of bCourses by clicking on the “Media Libarary (Panopto).”

How will Panopto help?

    Panopto will serve as a repository for class session recordings and any other video content associated with the course. Panopto is software that runs on PCs, Macs, iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. It allows you to record audio and video, as well as anything you show on your screen or document camera. Once you’ve recorded a lecture or flipped classroom video with Panopto, it’s automatically uploaded to bCourses, where students can access it on any device.

When will this be available?

    Panopto is up and running right now inside your bCourses site. If you don’t see it there, please contact

Where can I find out more about Panopto?



Last fall, Technology Solutions introduced the ability to display your device wirelessly in all Berkeley Haas classrooms. This semester we're pleased to announce that Solstice is now available in all group study rooms and most staff conference rooms. To find out more about Solstice visit our "How Do I" page or if you'd like advice on using Solstice in the classroom, schedule a consultation with us by emailing

NAB Technology Update

New classrooms will include high-quality laser projection, wireless display capabilities, annotatable touch screens and much more. Look for more information here later in the semester. Berkeley Haas will have its own customized interface for AV control, very similar systems at several of our peer schools, such as Wharton, Kellogg, and Ross.