About Media Services

Media Services provides support for classroom technology, Audio/Visual Equipment for events and media production services throughout Berkeley Haas. Our services range from in-classroom trouble calls and media conversion to livestreaming events and video teleconferencing.

Media Services also operates an equipment check-out window inside the Computer Center (S300).

Media Facilities and Services

    Equipment Available For Checkout

    • Projectors and Screens
    • Slide Advancers/Clickers
    • Display Adapters/Dongles
    • Video Cameras
    • Power Adapters for Laptops & Macbooks>
    • Flipcharts, Dry Erase Boards, Easels

    Policy on Equipment Checkout and Return

    In order to provide effective service to all Students, Faculty, and Staff, we need the cooperation of the entire Haas community. Unfortunately, the negligence of a few could negatively impact Media Services for the rest of the community. Thus HMS has developed the following policies to ensure fair service for everyone.

      Checkout Facts

        A Haas Fee-Paid Computer Center account is required for all equipment checkouts. You may only reserve one equipment resource at a time. Recurring reservations are not allowed. You may only reserve equipment for four hours during the day. For overnight use, checkout time is 4:00 pm and return time is 9:00 am the next morning. You must leave a valid email address and cell phone number to check out equipment.

      Time Restrictions

        HMS equipment is to be checked out in accordance with the time restrictions found on the online Reserve system. Any reservation that violates the time restriction is subject to adjustment by the Reserve administrators.

      User Responsibility

        The user is fully responsible for equipment that is checked out under his/her name. Equipment that is not returned in good condition (e.g. missing cables) is the responsibility of the user, who must pay for repair and replacement charges.

      Grace Period

      • There is a fifteen (15) minute grace period on each reservation. If you do not pick up equipment within fifteen minutes of the start time on the reservation, HMS may cancel your reservation.

      Equipment Return

      • All equipment must be returned on time according to the end times indicated on the Reserve system. If an item is not going to be returned on time, HMS should be notified as soon as possible as to why the item is being returned late and when the item can be expected back to HMS. If any item is returned more than fifteen minutes late, the user receives a late warning. If that user returns equipment late again, he/she may receive a suspension of media privileges for thirty days. A late warning will be kept on record for six months, and a suspension will be kept on record for one year. Subsequent suspensions may be between 30 to 90 days at the discretion of HMS. Excessively late returns without notifying HMS may result in a harsher penalty.

    Video Production

    Media Services offers We offer a wide variety of assistance for Haas Students, Faculty and Staff. Services include conceptualization, scripting, shooting, editing, and technical support. For a consultation or to book time in our studio, email Please call with any questions.

    S328 Digital Studio

    Media Services operates a small studio space in S328 with suitable equipment for hosting live synchronous classes or review sessions, producing “flipped class” content via screencasting or conducting video taped interviews. To book time in the studio please email

    A/V in the Classroom

    Media Services provides support for the A/V systems in all Berkeley Haas Classrooms. If you need immediate assistance in a classroom, please dial 510-643-0431.

    Media Conversion

    Faculty may request video clips or other media assets be converted to formats suitable for classroom playback or web distribution by emailing

    Dish Network Satellite/Cable

    Berkeley Haas subscribes to the Dish Network. Faculty, Students & Staff may request to view a live program stream in any classroom equipped to receive the signal. Email with the channel, start and end times, date, and room you would like to view in, and our team will make the arrangements.