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A/V Equipment Checkout

  • Haas students, faculty and staff may checkout A/V equipment, pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Equipment Checkout Policy
  • View the Equipment Checkout Policy here

Video Conferencing Solutions

Google Hangouts Meet



We are thrilled to add NameCoach to our repertoire of offerings as we continue to strive to make Haas an inclusive and welcoming place for all. NameCoach is a tool that allows you to record your name so that we can maximize our ability to pronounce each others' names correctly. In addition, there is a feature that allows you to indicate your gender pronoun. This will be embedded in bCourses allowing faculty, staff, and students to easily access, and more fully invite your participation and collaboration in class and in co-curricular activities.

Please take two minutes now to record your name and indicate your gender pronoun. By participating in this endeavor, you contribute toward making NameCoach a tool that all members of our community can reliably use to learn name pronunciation and gender pronouns for all of our students, thus creating a more inclusive place for all at Haas.


Screen Sharing through Solstice

Equipment Checkout Policy

    In order to provide effective service to all Students, Faculty, and Staff, we need the cooperation of the entire Haas community. Unfortunately, the negligence of a few could negatively impact Media Services for the rest of the community. Thus Haas Media Services has developed the following policies to ensure fair service for everyone.

  • Read the Equipment Checkout Policy

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