The Service Catalog describes the Services that the Haas Technology Solutions (TS) provides to the various departments within the Haas School of Business. The purpose of the Service Catalog is to provide information about available IT Services for Haas TS. The Service Catalog is used to support the delivery of IT Service to Haas customers.

The Service Catalog provides the following key benefits:

  • A listing of the standardized set of services that TS provides to the customers of Haas with a brief description of the services provided
  • A communications vehicle for customers of TS and Haas leadership to facilitate a common view of the work performed within HTS
  • A starting point for discussions with TS customers about the services provided to either add, adjust, modify or eliminate services if required

Below are a list of the services offered by Oganizational Unit, then by category. Clicking on a service entry will give you a description for the selected services.

Data and Performance Support

    Business Process and Performance Consulting

      Provides professional subject matter expertise, advice, and insights for business and academic outcomes, challenges, and opportunities. Learn More

    Data and Reporting

      Provides techniques and tools for the acquisition and transformation of raw data into meaningful and useful information for business analysis purposes. Supports business insights and decisions. Learn More

    Solution Delivery

      Provides solutions strategy, design, build, quality assurance, training, and deployment support services. Learn More

    Web Design, Development, and Content Management

      Provides advice, support, and resources for work involved in designing, building, deploying, hosting, and distributing content for publication over the World Wide Web. The range of scope is from single web pages to content management systems. Learn More

Enterprise and Research Services

    Accounts and Access

      Provides online identity services and authority to access systems and data. Learn More


      Provides services for sharing resources and functions, and for sharing and storing information among multiple users. Learn More

    Device Support

      Provides advice and support on the purchase, upgrade, security, and retirement of computers and peripherals, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, printers, scanners, etc. Learn More

    Email, Calendar and Collaboration

      Provides services that enable and support work with other persons or groups in order to achieve business and academic goals and outcomes. Learn More

    Information Security

      Provides services and support for protecting information assets regardless of how the information is formatted or whether it is being processed, is in transit, or is being stored. Learn More

    Research Computing

      Provides professional subject matter expertise, advice, and insights for supporting diligent and systematic inquiry or investigation into a subject in order to discover or revise facts, theories, applications, and create knowledge. Learn More

    Support and Training

      Provides and facilitates the process of problem identification and resolution, knowledge transfer, and enhancement of professional skills and capabilities. Learn More

    Voice and Data Networking

      Provides advice and support on the purchase, upgrade, security, and retirement of Internet connectivity, telecommunications, and data network services. Learn More

Teaching and Learning Technology

    Classroom and Online Learning Services

      Provide support services for instructors to enhance online pedagogical methods for teaching and professional development. Provides online learning support resources and services for students. Learn More

    Video and Media Services

      Provides advice and support for creating and delivering multiple forms of media over the Internet and other distribution methods. Focus is on capture, editing, packaging, and distribution of video content and presentation materials. Learn More