Access and Authorizations to Services or Data

What is this Service?

Access and Authorizations to Services or Data provides users access to necessary services or data, and provides them ability to control access to services or data. This service includes users that are requesting access to a computing account (add, modify or delete). This service also includes the ability to control the level of access granted to individuals, groups, or the organization for shared drives, folders & directories, websites, and databases. The types of access include creating password access to applications, providing single sign-on for applications or restricting or providing access to data.

How I can benefit from the Service?

The service allows the user to define who has access to specific applications, systems, information and data and makes certain users have the proper access for their role. The Service also restricts access so users do not have access to information or systems that they are not authorized to access.

Why I might want the Service?

Access controls enable only those people, groups, or organizations to work with data at the level required to fulfill their roles and functional duties. Access controls ensure compliance with Information Security policy and Regulatory Law.

How Do I Get Started?

How do I get the Service?

Ask your Manager-Supervisor to contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email ( All requests for changes to access and authorizations to Services and Data are subject to review and approval by the Service or Data Owner.

For new computing accounts follow the instructions below:

How do I get help?

Contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (