Printer Services

What is this Service?

Printer Services provides printing services for Desktop Workstations, personal laptops (PC and Mac) and departmental printers (outside of the Berkeley Haas copy center which is currently outsourced). Departmental printers can also be accessed in the Haas library and computer lab.

How I can benefit from the Service?

This service provides access to network printers located across the Haas School of Business Computer Labs as well as desktop printers for staff and administrators who require local printer access.

Why I might want the Service?

Access to printers allows users to documents that may be required for projects, teamwork, homework assignments, research or final exams.

How Do I Get Started?

How do I get the Service?

Once a Haas Network Account has been created, simply login to Haas Desktop Computers, or add the Haas Printers to a personal laptop. There are many printers located across the Haas School of Business: Main Computing Lab, S300T Classroom, MBA Graduate Lounge, and Undergraduate Lounge.

How do I get help?

A $200 Print Credit is automatically given to each user upon creating their Haas Network Accounts, and is reset to another $200 per semester (print credits do not roll over).

B&W = 2,400 pages/semester (.05cents/page)

Color = 240 pages/semester (.50cents/page)

If you have exhausted your semester print credit, you may approach our front desk for an additional credit in $10 increments. You may also send an email to (