Data Science / Big Data Consultation

What is this Service?

Big Data refers to a category of information that possess at least one of these characteristics:

  • Extreme size: the data set is so large that it cannot be processed or analyzed using database traditional methods and tools
  • Diversity/Complexity: the data is disparate, comes from multiple unrelated sources, and is a challenge to assimilate, match up, or link together
  • High velocity: the data arrives so quickly that it overwhelms traditional computing resources (social network data, data from environmental sensors often fit this definition)

Data Science is a cross-disciplinary study of data to extract knowledge and insights in various forms, either structured of unstructured. It often is a combination of data mining, statistics, and predictive analytics.

The service provides advice and support by leveraging a network of subject matter experts and IT professionals to plan, design, configure, install, and maintain Big Data and Data Science projects.

How I can benefit from the Service?

The service can help you to obtain the most appropriate resources to:

  • support your work involving Big Data,
  • acquire, clean, and package data,
  • house your data using Big Data infrastructure,
  • select the most effective data management and analytics tools,
  • transform Big Data into meaningful insights or assertions,
  • make better decisions, and
  • clearly reveal and visualize research results.

Why I might want the Service?

The service optimizes the work effort involved with Big Data and Data Science projects, allowing you the user to focus on the exploration, analysis, communication, and publication of information that comprises their research.

How Do I Get Started?

How do I get the Service?

Contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (

How much does the Service cost?

All consulting, negotiation, and distribution, data analysis and visualization support are free. The Data Science infrastructure varies in price, depending on the size and scope of the project. Grants are available from the Berkeley campus, High Performance/Supercomputer Centers, and from Cloud computing providers. Before entering into a Big Data or Data Science engagement, be sure to open a request ticket to find out what services are already available at Haas, U. C. Berkeley, UCOP, San Diego Supercomputer Center, XSEDE, and other collaborating institutions.

How do I get help?

Contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (

How do I use the Service?

Schedule an appointment with a subject matter expert by contacting the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (