Research Computing (Server, Storage, Network)

What is this Service?

Research Computing service provides high performance computing resources and expertise to support research and teaching. This includes servers and compute clusters, information storage, and high-speed network services, as well as math applications, statistical applications, databases, geo-spatial applications, tools and utilities software.

How I can benefit from the Service?

The service provides the servers, storage, network, and application resources that are catered to customers’ research needs. The service coordinates all steps in obtaining the resources needed, performs capacity planning and sizing, configures and implements the service, and assists with transferring and securing data. Additionally, the Research Computing service will manage the licensing of data and applications and coordinate access with subject matter experts in research from across the Berkeley campus.

Why I might want the Service?

The service aligns the research project with the best resources available to meet the requirements, whether the research resources are located at Haas, U. C. Berkeley, San Diego Supercomputer Center, or in the Cloud. This allows customers to focus on academic research rather than the technology that supports the research initiative.

How Do I Get Started?

How do I get the Service?

Contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (

How much does the Service cost?

Cloud and external computing, storage, and network services and commercial software vary in price. Before purchasing software, be sure to open a request ticket to find out what hardware and software is already available at Haas, U. C. Berkeley, UCOP, and collaborating institutions.

How do I get help?

Contact the Technology Solutions Help Desk by email (, phone, or Service-Now web site (