How Do I Download and Obtain a License for think-cell?

This page provides a brief overview of think-cell and explains how to obtain the software and license for the software. This software has been licensed for Haas students, faculty and staff.

What is think-cell?
Eligibility & User Agreement
Obtaining think-cell or Updated Key

What is think-cell?

think-cell presentation software consists of three components: think-cell chart, think-cell round, and think-cell layout.

think-cell chart
is a PowerPoint add-in for creating professional business charts more efficiently directly from Excel data.

think-cell round is an Excel add-in for consistently rounding numbers, even across complex calculations.

think-cell layout is a PowerPoint add-in for rapidly composing clean slide layouts from standard elements.

More detailed information can be found on the think-cell website.

think-cell presentation software is used extensively at leading consulting companies and investment banks. We are pleased to give you the opportunity to use the software to make professional looking presentations while at Berkeley Haas, and to practice your presentation-making skills before you embark on your post-MBA career. 


Preview it now:

You can learn more about the think-cell components at the overview pages below, which include how-to videos.


Eligibility and User Agreement


think-cell presentation software may only be used for academic and non-profit purposes by current Haas students, faculty and staff. People who are no longer enrolled or are part of the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business or those who intend to use the software for non-educational purposes (e.g. personal consulting or adminstrative tasks) will need to obtain a separate license agreement. The think-cell license key is valid for 6 months. Two weeks prior to the expiration of the key, a new key will be provided on the authenticated page accessible only by the Haas community.


Disclaimer: Neither UC Berkeley nor the Haas School of Business endorse this vendor, or do they make any guarantees about this product.


Obtaining think-cell or Updated Key


If you agree to the user agreement (above), please click the button below to download and retrieve the current license key. You will be prompted for the following information from your browser:


    • Username: Haas\Haas username (e.g. haas\john_doe)
    • Password: Haas password

Note: Please note that think-cell can only be installed on the Windows OS, and it requires an existing installation and license of Office (with Excel and Power Point). If you have a Mac, you can run Windows through VM software like Parallels or Fusion, and then install Office and think cell.



Please see the document How do I Install think-cell? for instructions on how to install the software.

Obtaining or installation issues: For any issues regarding obtaining or installing think-cell on your computer, please contact the Haas Help Desk at:  


Questions using think-cell: View think-cell's User manual for information on product features, basic concepts as well as tips and tricks for advanced users. You may also visit think-cell's extensive Knowledge base for answers to common questions.

Last update: 1 February 2016 /elk