Media Services and Reservations

Room Reservations / EMS

A/V Equipment Checkout

  • Haas students, faculty and staff may checkout A/V equipment, pursuant to the procedures outlined in the Equipment Checkout Policy
  • View the Equipment Checkout Policy here

Video Conferencing Solutions

Adobe Connect

  • Retiring July 1, 2018
  • To consolidate our offerings, TS will no longer offer Adobe Connect service beginning July 1, 2018
  • For info on Google Hangouts Meet or Zoom, see below or email

Google Hangouts Meet


If you have questions, please email

How to Send a FAX

  1. Attach a cover sheet and put it in the FAXES TO BE SENT tray. Your Haas log on name must be clearly printed in the space provided-this is how we verify your account if applicable.

  2. Please allow 15-30 minutes to send most faxes, depending upon how many other faxes are waiting to be sent. This fax service is a courtesy, and if urgent AV support is needed in a class or conference, we may not be able to send your fax immediately. All Faxes will be sent out by the end of the day. We accept no responsibility for missed deadlines.

  3. When it has been sent, we will attach a printed confirmation page and put it in the SENT FAXES tray.

  4. Fax number for receiving faxes: (510) 642-4769

    Courtesy FAX Service -- We provide free incoming fax services to all Haas students; this service is a courtesy.

    Full FAX Service -- The outgoing fax service is for HAAS MBA, MFE, Ph.D students only.

    LOCAL (510, 415, 925, 650, 408)
    DOMESTIC (US/Canada)

Logitech Conference Camera

No Login Lectern


Screen Sharing through Solstice

Frequently Asked Questions

    What happens when I accidentally break a piece of equipment?

    Accidents happen. Report it immediately so we can get a new one right away.

    Can I videotape something off campus?

    As long as it is part of a class assignment or project, we have Kodak, Flip style cameras that are available for checkout.

    I need to project a computer image or video for my event - how do I do this?

    We set up computer/video projectors which can be used anywhere in the Haas School of Business during normal operating hours.

    If I check out a piece of equipment for someone else, who is responsible if it is lost or damaged?

    You are. The person who checks out the equipment is accepting full responsibility for its proper use as well as returning it on time.

    How can I get my class or special project videotaped?

    Please contact the Media Services Dept. at or 510-643-0431. Our video staff would be happy to answer any questions.

    I've scheduled a recurring reservation for equipment over the entire semester. I know that my guest speaker will not be needing the equipment this week. Should I inform Media Services that I won't be needing the equipment for this one class?

    Absolutely. If you don't need a piece of equipment, odds are that someone else may. Please inform Media Services so we don't set equipment that isn't going to be used.

Policy on Equipment Checkout and Return

    In order to provide effective service to all Students, Faculty, and Staff, we need the cooperation of the entire Haas community. Unfortunately, the negligence of a few could negatively impact Media Services for the rest of the community. Thus Haas Media Services has developed the following policies to ensure fair service for everyone.

    Checkout Facts

      A Haas Fee-Paid Computer Center account is required for all equipment checkouts. You may only reserve one equipment resource at a time. Recurring reservations are not allowed. You may only reserve equipment for four hours during the day. For overnight use, checkout time is 4:00 pm and return time is 9:00 am the next morning. You must leave a valid email address and cell phone number to check out equipment.

    Time Restrictions

      HMS equipment is to be checked out in accordance with the time restrictions found on the online Reserve system. Any reservation that violates the time restriction is subject to adjustment by the Reserve administrators.

    User Responsibility

      The user is fully responsible for equipment that is checked out under his/her name. Equipment that is not returned in good condition (e.g. missing cables) is the responsibility of the user, who must pay for repair and replacement charges.

    Grace Period

    • There is a fifteen (15) minute grace period on each reservation. If you do not pick up equipment within fifteen minutes of the start time on the reservation, HMS may cancel your reservation.

    Equipment Return

    • All equipment must be returned on time according to the end times indicated on the Reserve system. If an item is not going to be returned on time, HMS should be notified as soon as possible as to why the item is being returned late and when the item can be expected back to HMS. If any item is returned more than fifteen minutes late, the user receives a late warning. If that user returns equipment late again, he/she may receive a suspension of media privileges for thirty days. A late warning will be kept on record for six months, and a suspension will be kept on record for one year. Subsequent suspensions may be between 30 to 90 days at the discretion of HMS. Excessively late returns without notifying HMS may result in a harsher penalty.

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